Name Concept : FLYOVER = 飛越える。 

予想範囲や固定概念を飛び越え、新たな形を探求し平和に楽しみ LIFE is ART を表現します。

People who see the work create works that are shocked by passing low-flying objects at an extremely short distance. Jump beyond the scope of expectations and stereotypes, explore new forms, enjoy peace, and express LIFE is ART.

Design Concept

自然界の造形(宇宙)・全生命の神秘(陰陽)・無限大の想像(夢幻)・全世界の文化(循環)・過去・現在・未来 …

We search the meaning of the essence of naturalism by making a connection to our individual lifestyle and want to send out those aspects through FLYOVER- The accent is now given to the living space..

We keep devoting ourselves so that the person who obtains our commodity may feel happiness. We pray for everyone to keep their pure heart.